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Natural Nibbles

Natural Nibbles Dandelion & Nettle Salad 130g

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Natural Nibbles Flower & Herb Salad is a high quality, health boosting forage mix, perfect for most small animals.

This blend is loved by rabbits & guinea pigs, you can simply mix these in with hay to encourage your pet’s natural foraging instinct!

It is always important to give your small pets a varied diet, our bespoke range of mixes makes this so much easier for you to do.

So, not only will your bunnies have access to lots of new natural forage, they can also benefit from the amazing health benefits that some of these ingredients can offer!

Key Features

100% Natural Ingredients
Adds amazing variety to your pet’s diet
Packed full of natural vitamins & minerals
Great source of dietary fibre
Great mix of Leaves, Flowers
Has a calming effect on nervous or anxious pets
Suitable for most small animals

This Product is suitable for:
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Degus, Chinchillas, Tortoises and most other small animals & Rodents

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